MOVIE REVIEW|The Amazing Spiderman 2: Better than the previous … but that’s where it stops.

With lots of people craving to watch this sequel, it is inevitable to expect something great.
It wasn’t disappointing, and it is obviously MORE AMAZING than its predecessor, but other than that, it didn’t quite reach the stature of what a great movie is.

As the opening sequence starts, you can’t help but wonder what the roosevelt is for. It actually builds up the excitement somehow, and it felt good for someone who expects a lot. The movie goes and you’ll find an early action sequence that goes well with Gwen’s speech. The start looked promising indeed, yet somehow, it slowly created cracks in its own brilliance.

The short timed action sequences often give the viewers excitement; sadly it wasn’t the case in this one. There was just too much of this and the “is-that-it?” moment came too often. It was like drowning you with excitement until it was too much to take.

It is notable though that the moments when Gwen and Peter were put together in such a way that viewers won’t feel bored (for those who like the “kilig” moments as it it’s called in Tagalog). And the casting of the two actors(and actress) were actually perfect.

The bottom point is, the movie seemed like a very deep ocean, but the makers were not able to dive to the bottomm of it. The director may get the blame for this, while the movie could’ve been a LOT better. It was worth your P120 – P140 movie fee (P300+ for 3D viewers), or maybe a few pesos more, but that’s it.

For those who are fans of Spiderman, and would want to watch it, go! It’s not a waste of money. Maybe I just expected too much. But who wouldn’t be?

MOVIE RATE: 3.5 stars out of 5
**this is just a personal opinion and may not reflect the insights of other movie viewers or other movie critics.**