Re: Does Global FC deserve the support of Filipinos?

All the talk that’s going on about Global FC on their AFC Cup run and Kaya supporters who are currently being bombarded with questions have gone to another level.

My previous post on why Global FC deserve the support of Filipinos was not intended to undermine SOMK, or even fans of other Filipino Clubs. The only seemingly negative thing I saw that was striking was the tifo that shows “global is not my country.” I do not condemn the support that SOMK shows towards Kaya. All I was saying is that it was very surprising to see such a thing, given the fact that Filipino club football (and football as a whole) has just passed the embryonic stages. Also, if the Ultras Kaya don’t want to support Global FC’s run, then so be it. And no one will hear a word from me against that. True as this blogpost ( says, no one can (and probably should) sway them to support a different club. It just doesn’t make any sense, right? It would be like forcing someone to go out with a person he/she doesn’t like. But my only point is this: The success of Global FC may translate to the success of Philippine Football itself. That is why I said as my end note that “I meant no disrespect to anyone. I just believe the fact that the success of Global FC in the international stage reflects the stature of Philippine Football itself, and that is enough reason to support them in their AFC Cup games.” The ‘everyone’ that I was pointing out, who I was calling on, are other people who are actually willing to support Global FC, and only for the reason that its effects in Philippine Football may be larger than what others may see.

The thing is, even if I want to go to the terraces and shout my lungs out to support our NT or a UFL Club, I just can’t. Not yet anyway. Some said that I was an idealist, and yeah, I think I am. How can we go forward if we don’t think about the best things that can happen? I also saw them say how the local scene must also step up, and of course! They are all right. Supporting is not just through blogs such as this and commenting and posting in social media. I have watched how Ultras from different parts of the globe cheer and chant and use pyros and everything, and I would really like to be one of them. But not today. Not at this moment. Not yet.

I have tried to neutralize my previous blog while maintaining the point I want to make, and it hasn’t seem to have transpired as planned. To the Ultras Kaya and SOMK, I apologize if any of you were offended, but I do hope that all of you can see the point I’m trying to make. In fact, I am not a ‘fan’ of any UFL club. My UFL experience are limited to highlight videos I see in the internet. I am just currently concerned with the fact that club football has a large effect in the International scene.

So, as much as the debate goes about who should support who, my point will always only be to the fact that the success of Global FC has direct effects on how other nations see the Philippines in terms of football, and not on how supporters of other clubs must support their rival; that is just insane.


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